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AWS Plugin set up to explore services in Intellij Idea

This blog will help beginner or advanced AWS developers who utilize AWS services to release products. We will cover setting up AWS Toolkit in IntelliJ IDEA and connecting to AWS service.  By using this plugin will developer can expedite develop a product by integrating different services provided by AWS in the project. Let us focus on a few steps to install the plugin quickly. Please make you have installed Intellij IDEA community or Ultimate edition in the suitable operating system.  1) File -> Setting -> Plugin window (Windows/Linux) &  Intellij IDEA -> Preferences (Mac OS)      - Please make sure marketplace window is opened and search AWS toolkit and will be placed in the list of plugins      - Click on selected plugin and Install the plugin and restart IDE after installation.  Once you restarted IDE you can see one more tab of the  AWS Explorer window . Or you can also open  it from View -> Tool Windows -> AWS Explorer .   We will connect to AWS Account from IDE